Being Lucy Parker

'Lucy Parker' is Kate Lucy and Andrew Parker, who met while studying at Salford University as mature students on the MA in Contemporary Fine Art course. Having clicked instantly in the first week, it was inevitable that the pair would finish their course with a joint exhibition.

The theme that connects them in this project is an ongoing quest to capture a feeling of what they define as 'human-ness' within their art work; a notion of the person featured whether it is within a figurative portrait of an actual person or the impression left behind by someone's presence or actions.

Parker, who formerly worked as a graphic designer, is a painter who over the years has incorporated an increasing abstraction in his depiction of the figure. He applies the paint in an attempt to capture firstly, a notion of the 'flesh-ness' or physicality of the body then attempts to capture something of the persona of his model - the 'human-ness' - as well as an element of the unique dialogue that exists between an artist and their model.

Interestingly, though they don't look it, Parker states that the works are in progress. Selecting the pictures in rotation, Parker works over the top of the previous paintings re-working as much as 90% of it. As Parker notes of showing his 'unfinished' work, “my tutor said see it as you're just sharing where you're at at the moment.” The result is that there is a great dynamism in the work, a sense of a fleeting glimpse, a captured moment in time.

Lucy's approach to the notion of 'human-ness' is conceptual, shifting the focus to the negative space around Parker's figures. In Lucy's work it's the result of actions and the impressions human presence leaves behind that feature. She explains, “I'm working with the impact that people make when they're not there.” Unlike Parker, Lucy doesn't restrict herself to one medium, “I don't define myself by any of the materials I use, I would say I'm much more ideas based and the form and the materials come from that as appropriate.”

Here, working with found objects, projections and short film, Lucy employs inspiration from her eclectic background as a consultant in the health sector, her degree in philosophy and religion and her relatively recent turn to visual art. There's an unoccupied bed, fading blackboard projections and places to talk - one which strikingly combines interactive installation and sculpture.

Though their takes on 'human-ness' are very different ones, there are places in the exhibition where their works overlap. In 'Artillery Truck' Parker's paint meets one of Lucy's found objects.

As the exhibition has grown from extensive conversations that Parker and Lucy have had over the course of the two years they have known each other, the pair have added a conversation space; a suspended shape with polo necks stitched into it where you can pop your head in and experience an intense verbal moment with the other person in there.

Lucy Parker will see you now. Are you ready?

Private View Fri 1st March, 6pm – 8.30pm
Cube, 113 Portland Street, Manchester, M1 6DW
Exhibition continues 2nd - 9th March

Examples of the work can be viewed and downloaded here
Contact Marissa Burgess for press requests.